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User Guide for generating of E-challan

E-Challan for Receipts of Payments

All Fees of Urban Development Department are to be submitted through E-Challan using GRIP(Government Receipt Portal System) against TR7 Form.

Notice of electronic deposit of money in Government account through on-line and off-line receiptfor all kind of fees and annual lease rent etc.

Application Form for Transfer of Lease hold land in Salt Lake City

Notification regarding revision of rate of permission fees for transfer of leasehold right of industrial and commercial plots of land in Bidhannagar

Notice Inviting Expression of Interest for Allotment of WBHIDCO Land at Financial Hub New Town, Kolkata on 'LEASE HOLD' Basis. HIDCO

Format for permission for transfer of plot in terms of Notification No. 2709-SL(AL)/4S-9/2004(Pt-I) dated 22.06.2012

U.D. Department invites Corporate Houses/Banks/Fls/Chamber of Commerce and other Groups to take up Beautification initives and maintenance thereof in different stretches
TARGET FOR 2012-13
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